A whole load of random pictures, and I may also post some of my commissions on here




Hey, white Steven Universe fans. These are all the POC in the cast of Steven Universe. You notice how 3 of the 4 leads are WOC? Or how this is more than 2/3 of the extended cast of the show? Representation matters. Trying to litigate the racial background of these characters because you want to identify with them as white is fucking shitty. Stop it. White people are massively over-represented in TV shows and movies. We don’t need to steal back characters whose creators have deliberated coded as non-white.



I have a mighty need to draw this monster now…good god. I need more of that spanish stud muffin.

Like…imagine him flexing to hard his top rips I just. Give me that right now please.




Here you go~


Thank you Kyoryuger for giving us the best seasons. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, was the best season yet to be in all Super Sentai. With Gokaiger being my first season I’ve watched, while watch most of Magiranger, Kakuranger and Carranger. Kyoryuger so far is the best season out in the whole 38 seasons of Super Sentai. Given us probably one of the best movies of all time. That’s with all three seasons of Dino teams. Thank you Kyoryuger for the best season ever.



Red Knights

Some side-project I’ve been working on my free-time after work. I’ll be setting up a print shop soon and would to know if anyone has any particular piece of mine sold up there. 

Hope you guys dig. 

We dig indeed!

Phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space


From Book 4 Episode 3-The Coronation

"And let me assure my fellow leaders of one thing. Anyone who crosses our borders or stands in our way will be crushed. "

That is a huge disrespect to Seki, the Kyoshi Warriors, and Avatar Kyoshi herself.